Week 6

It looks like CIM Group got the land grab of the century, and all it cost them was 33M. On Thursday Oct 14, CIM Group president Brian McGowan presented Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms with a giant novelty check for 33.5M under the guise of “community benefits.”

Brian McGowan, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Richard Ressler

In return, Atlanta taxpayers will give away nearly 2 BILLION in incentives to construct the glitzy Centennial Yards, a plan which still does not include a terminal station for MARTA, for greater Georgia, and for the Southeast

For some context, here’s a pie chart of the deal your mayor and council just made

Legislation will promise Gulch money for affordable housing initiatives

Once again, here is the Gulch redevelopment you deserve, priced originally at 1B:

You can visit our Maps page to see your local station

Terminal Station 1905

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